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Gamestorming. Do you want to be more innovative?

Practical and inspiring guides with innovative and participatory learning and knowledge sharing methods are always interesting to read. “Gamestorming, a playbook for innovators, rulebreakers, and change“, written by Dave Gray, Sunni Brown and James Macanufo is a good illustrative example. The entire instructional cycle of a meaningful learning or working event is documented in a […]

Building toolkits about learning, training and knowledge sharing.

DELTA is currently in the final phase of the orientation toolkit, called Compass dealing with innovative learning methodologies and technologies embedded in the entire learning management cycle. One of the outputs of this toolkit is a set of instructional sheets on how to use participatory learning methods and techniques in your own context as a […]

Training of Trainers

DELTA is currently involved in a Training of Trainers (TOT) workshop in Gaza for UNWRA staff. This blogpost wants to invite you to take stock of all the interesting TOT-material that is available on-line. Our workshop started from a general learning cycle that throughout the training tackles all the important pedagogical/instructional parameters from the identification […]

100 facilitation tips?

We are moving from managing trainer focused events where experts transfer their knowledge to participants, to facilitating participants’ learning processes by supporting them develop the most adequate responses to their needs and those of their organization. This implies a radical shift in the trainer’s abilities. What counts is not to effectively transfer a predetermined message, […]

Learning visits

Dear ITC ILO colleagues, DELTA is working on guidelines to ensure that learning visits (and tours) are an integral part of the learning process. The visits can be considered as a unique value our Centre can add to a training activity and we are looking for new modalities and formats to enhance the learning results. Have […]

Motivation and Learning

Have a look at the following movie of Dan Pink on motivational research.  If autonomy, mastery and purpose are the key ingredients of motivation what kind of implications does this have for instructional design, learning and training?

Community of Practice

Probably the notion of  Community of Practice (CoP) has been one of the most used concepts in the domain of learning, training and knowledge sharing. While a lot of references are made to original articles of the founding father Etienne Wenger we would like to explore some more recent articles, updated presentations and new insights […]

Visualizing with Infographics

Information graphics are visual representations of information, data and knowledge. It is an ideal instrument to present or communicate complex information in a simple way. This makes it also a useful tool for learning and training. It quickly conveys knowledge and it engages viewers. In comparison with the mindmapping technique the visual factor of infographics […]

Pecha Kucha

Pecha Kucha is an alternative presentation format that is based on a very simple idea : 20 images x 20 seconds,  a total time of 6 minutes and 40 seconds. The format makes presentations short and concise in order to stimulate audience attention.  Pecha Kucha originated in Tokyo in 2003 as an innovative way for […]

From policy to practice – Is learning the missing link?

Since the Paris Declaration on Aid Effectiveness , a slew of events, statements and policy discussions have focused on the role of training and learning within the larger context of capacity development . As integral players in the development process, training and learning practitioners continue to encounter enormous obstacles in their attempts to enhance the […]


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