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L&T Podcast #1: ‘New methods of knowledge sharing?’

Throughout the creation of The Compass, a toolkit for the enhanced design of learning activities, it was frequently noted that contemporary methodologies starkly resemble the traditional practices of many Indigenous Peoples. In order to further explore this paradigm, Karen Moir interviewed Marc Steinlin on the matter. Marc is the Founder and Director of Ingenious Peoples’ […]

Audioblogging ?

A lot of colleagues expressed their interest in blogging lately but had some concerns on the ‘time’-issue. I do agree that time is always a challenge and will integrate in the future blogposts some ideas that take time into account. The first idea is audio-blogging. Writing an article is time-consuming but what about recording audio-posts? […]

The pedagogical potential of podcasting

Podcasts are digital media files, distributed on the internet using syndication feeds for playback on portable media players and personal computers. Several instutions integrated Podcast as part of their e-learning programme. Some interesting examples: Universities start to broadcast lectures and interviews trough iTunes (cf. Stanford University, Berkely University). The UNICEF Podcast is a new global […]