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Social media revolution

The importance of social media is a returning element in a lot of interesting video’s that appear on the internet. It all started with the first version of ‘Did you Know‘ and every now and than we see new inspiring video’s (like the one below) to highlight that social media is becoming very important in […]

The growing importance of social media

Social media is becoming more and more important, also for learning and training institutions.  In the upcoming ITC-ILO WebforDev course a community of practicioners will evaluate the impact  of web 2.0 trends in the field of learning and training. Do we use social media in order to innovate the way we learn and train and […]

Web2practice: emergent technologies and innovative practice

The participatory web, one of the central themes of the Lifelong E-Learning course at ITC-ILO welcomes the downloadable web2practice guides from JISC. In a way they are related to the Web2.0 in Plain English guides which were blogged in an earlier post. It aims to help you to enhance your working and training practice by […]