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Free audiovisual learning opportunities

The open and free audiovisual opportunities to learn are growing exponentially on the internet. After already two posts about this topic we would like to share some more interesting tips and links with you: – After several years of TED lectures there is a fantastic inventory of 1204 lectures which is made available here. – […]

Instructional video

Explaining concepts in clear instructional language is often a challenge. During one of the Lifelong E-learning sessions last week at the Campus we experimented with the “In Plain English” technique. This technique tries to fight complexity with simple tools and plain language.  For example: you want to know more about ‘social bookmarking’ to improve your […]

Filming and sharing participants exchanges – part 1.

Human capital Let’s start with bit of maths. Three open courses a year (on average, per trainer) and 21 participants (on guesstimate) per course. That’s around 63 people, almost as many nationalities and professional backgrounds. Year in, year out, multiplied by the number of trainers on campus (how many, 40, 50?), that makes for a […]